The Line

Revive the ol' clothesline! This pulley system can move objects around the corner of a building. Following (or avoiding) the sun can help with making the most of the momentary weather conditions.

Modern buildings often trap the inhabitants into unsustainable practices such as using a tumble dryer or a large refrigerator. Making practical use of outside spaces of buildings is commonplace around the globe, from clotheslines spanning across streets in Italy to roofs crowded with jugs full of fermenting Kimchi in Korea.

It is not merely about resourcefulness, as these practices become part of the identity of a place.

urbanism, intervention, low-tech, seasons, insolation, mechanics, energy

Graduation Project
Design Academy Eindhoven, department Man in Motion


Residents maximising use of their balconies — Japan
Subtle uses of appartment block outside space — Seoul
Very liberal use of public spacehere — Vietnam
The pulley forming the end of the line
The corner piece — the pulley design prevents objects from getting stuck
Animation showing the principle of the corner piece (6MB gif loads after click to play — you may need to wait a few seconds)